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This blog is dedicated to strategic pricing, reimbursement, and market development topics related to medical technologies.  The focus is global and the goal is to provide information, resources, insights, and ideas for medical technology companies to successfully capture a fair portion of the value that they create and grow their business.

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    Ketteline Guerrier May 21, 2013 at 4:27 am

    The importance of developing a reimbursement strategy plan for medical devices is crucial. Companies should not wait too long thinking about developing a reimbursement strategy for their new medical technology. Most often they missed the big show by ignoring certain key factors that could lead them to success like:
    1) Does this new technology will automatically be reimbursed?
    2) Does it will be covered by the insurance companies or medicare?
    3) Knowing who the payer is and at what level (State level, Federal government or private payers)
    In fact a good reimbursement strategy plan should take in consideration a process that will require due diligence and patience because well grounded reimbursement plan measures in years.

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