Why spend your precious budget on off-the-shelf or poorly designed training?  Give your people the skills and knowledge to be successful.  I’ve trained over 1500 people now across fortune 500 businesses and academia.  My classes at the MBA level as well as in business are consistently rated at the top.

My experience is that much of the standard training in the corporate world is poorly designed for adult learners.  Adult learners need experiential learning.  They need to practice using the concepts and skills, think through problems, interact, challenge, and discuss.  Each of the training classes are custom designed to meet these objectives.

I’ve custom designed classes for the following topics:

  • Pricing Strategies and Tactics for Medical Technologies:  This program deals with specific issues in pricing medical technologies including understanding value, defining a pricing strategy, crafting an offering strategy, reimbursement, and pricing innovation.
  • Value Discovery Workshops for Marketing, Sales and R&D Teams:  This is a hands-on workshop to teach the sales and marketing team the foundation of customer value and how to quantify the differential value of your offerings.  It also covers customer research techniques.
  • Value Selling & Negotiations Training:  This program specifically prepares the sales team to be able to sell on value and not on price.  It covers value selling, using value in negotiations, and dealing with buyers.
  • Selling in the Age of Accountable Care and Cost Containment:  This program is designed to teach the sales team the implications of healthcare reform and how to think differently about selling clinical and economic value in the new environment.
  • Selling to Procurement:  Selling is not getting any easier, especially with the rise of procurement and materials management.   This program gives sales and marketing teams insights into the needs, fears, interests, and behaviors of economic buyers.  It provides specific techniques and approaches to deal with these buyer types.

Each of these course can be customized to meet your needs.  These can be half-day, full-day, or two-day programs.  Email me at or call me at (908) 421-0112 for more details.

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