The focus of each of these services is really simple. It is to help you and your business get results. Our clients include 4 of the top 10 medical technology companies as well as global pharmaceutical companies.  We engage with clients on a project basis, retainer based, or on an hourly basis depending on client needs.  Here are some of our solutions:

Coaching, Workshop and Advisory Support:

Some times you’re faced with a complex or difficult problem that requires lots of support and analysis. Other times, you don’t need a long, expensive project to help solve your pricing/value challenges. We can support you and your team through simple workshops, project coaching or advisory support. This gives you and your team outside, expert thinking without the cost and delay of a long project.

Customer Value, Buying Center, and Pricing Research:

Through a variety of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, we help businesses understand how customers perceive the clinical, economic and psychological value of your offerings.  These insights help in setting prices, making innovation decisions, and communicating value.  This research can include building economic value to customer models as well as primary research using a variety of techniques such as van westendorp and discrete choice modeling.

In B2B and the med-tech industry, understanding value is a little challenging since there are often many people involved in the buying decision with varying influence.  This group making the buying decision is called a buying center.  We can help you map the buying center, understand the willingness to pay, and proactively identify issues from each member of the buying center.

Value Selling Messages and Tools:

Understanding value is necessary, but not sufficient for optimizing your sales and profits.  You have to prepare the sales team to be able to effectively communicate value.  We help businesses create, test, and deploy the key value messages and selling tools that enable sales professional to be successful.   These tools and messages can be readily integrated into your sales playbook.

New Product and Existing Offering Pricing Strategy:

Defining a pricing strategy can be a challenge.  This is particularly true for new, innovative technologies.  In the medical technology industry, this is even more challenging due to the influence of reimbursement, evidence, stakeholders, and other factors.  Utilizing a proprietary Med-Tech Strategy Tool, we help businesses sort through this complexity to arrive at a robust pricing strategy that will optimize your value.

Price Improvement Plan:

Price leaks can occur in many parts of the business.  With deep experience in identifying leaks, I help businesses identify pricing issues and develop robust roadmaps to plug the leaks and improve profitability. These plans also including building the right capabilities to make pricing and value a source of advantage for your business.

Scenario Planning:

Making strategy, business model, marketing, pricing or innovation decisions in an uncertain world can be a challenge.  Sifting through the uncertainty can be a difficult.  We have a proprietary process and framework to help businesses make more informed decisions.  Importantly, part of the process is to get the management team aligned on the potential future views of the world and to be explicit about assumptions.  This leads to more robust strategy development and better strategic choices.

Please call or email Chris Provines to discuss your needs: or (908) 421-0112

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