Rutgers University Graduate School of Business

This fall I will again be teaching Pricing Strategy in the MBA program at Rutgers University. This is my 5th year teaching in the MBA program, and my third time teaching pricing. Previously, I had taught a new course on business improvement (lean six sigma). The Pricing Strategy course is a 15-hour program designed to give MBA students an introduction to strategic pricing. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding customer value
  • Understanding the buying center and the role of suppliers in a company’s value chain
  • Basic approaches to pricing: cost-based, competition-based, capacity-based, channel-based, and value-based
  • Developing a pricing strategy
  • Competition and pricing
  • Pricing and segmentation strategy
  • The role of value communication in capturing value
  • Versioning, bundling, and innovative pricing approaches
  • New business models and pricing

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